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About Saleem van Staaden


Born Cliffton Everett Samuel van Staaden at Maclear in the Eastern Cape Province, grew up on the family farm Rentano from where at his age of 4 years, the family moved to Ugie and he attended primary school there.



Ø      His father James van Staaden was a carpenter and the rest of his family, tradesmen in the building industry.


Ø       His passion for construction was kindled when he saw his father being carried shoulder high by fellow tradesmen after his father inserted the weather vane on the clock tower of the Dutch Reformed Church at Ugie and being the last man to climb down


Ø      He completed his education, at boarding school in Queenstown and then obtained a diploma as a technician in colour T.V. frontline service in East London in 1977;


Ø      Studied and completed a correspondence course in Sales Management through the International Correspondence School of America


Ø      Studied and completed a correspondence course in fundamental electronics through Radio Communications of America.


Ø      Worked as a technician repairing and selling office equipment, copiers and printing machines 


Ø      Worked for Barlows Equipment in various positions; being promoted from internal sales, inventory control, office administrator and various mid – management positions.


Ø  Obtained a diploma in Arc Engineering there in 1998


Ø     Studied part – time and completed 3 years of a 4 year course in Marketing Management through the Institute of Marketing Management, at the then East London Technical College being the first person from his community to be admitted there.


Ø     Opened his first trading business; the youngest person in his community to run the biggest supermarket in the area.


Ø     Became a member of the Border German Shepherd club, breeding German Shepherd dogs; again the first person in his community to do so.


Ø     Became a member of the Border Aviation Club, flying single engine aircraft as a pilot; again the first person from his community to do so in East London Saleem the Pilot.pdf


Ø     He then became an entrepreneur in various other businesses amongst which was as a building contractor.


Ø      He then became a property developer doing middle income group housing at Gompo, and Buffalo Flats ext. 3, 5 and 7 at East London.


Ø       Through his various businesses he supported many community struggles; such as the Sebe regime bus boycott, the East London City consumer boycotts and the famous Duncan Village uprising which sadly ended in a massacre of 28 people.


Ø     His activities also attracted the attention of the East London security police and that became a turning point in his life.


Ø     He dropped out of the lime-light, settled in rural Transkei, running trading stations, an unknown by any standard.


Ø     Embraced Islam in 1989 through sheikh Ahmed Deedat and adopted the names; Cliff Ebrahim Saleem van Staaden engaged in various business enterprises and community work.


Ø     Saleem van Staaden the entrepreneur has since emerged with a wealth of knowledge in the field of Property Development from Township establishment to Shopping Malls.


Ø      He has recently qualified as an Estate Agent and about to expand; again the first person in his community to do so.


Ø       He is passionate for and enthusiastic about living life ON THE EDGE, creating wealth, distributing wealth, transferring wealth, and imparting his knowledge and skills to whosoever he meets.


Ø      He is also highly experienced in the theoretical and practical relevance, understanding both the complex & intricate aspects of property development and for the past 5 years have mastered even the highly technical and financial disciplines required to become a successful property developer.


Ø      Being the ultimate entrepreneur, Saleem is developing and marketing many unique property developments offering very lucrative investment opportunities for either EQUITY partners, INVESTORS and JOINT VENTURE partnerships to share in his success.



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