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Ugie has undoubtedly become the food basket of the Eastern Cape Province with commercial farmers planting maize as well asproducing cattle and sheep while others produce vegetable cash crops such as potatoes and cabbage to supply the Transkeiregion as well as the East London, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein fresh produce markets.
Pine and gum tree lumber plantations had been introduced into the region by Mondi Forests and since then agro-forestry hasbecome the mainstay of the Ugie, Maclear and Elliot triangle economy for well over than a decade.
In 2007 the region experienced an unprecedented economic boom when P. G. Bison bought all the Mondi Forest farms and timberproducing plantations and established a 1.2 billion rand state of the art chip board export processing factory at Ugie with aprojected annual salary bill of R 98 million in direct employment excluding supply chain management.
Beginning 2008, the Ugie paper pulp and chipboard board mill produced its first consignment of pressed boards for export tooverseas countries. Since then timber harvesting has continued unabated with other line industries and sub contractinginitiatives having been implemented and thus further augmenting the economic boom.